w Zespole Szkolno-Przedszkolnym

w Wiśle Wielkiej

ul. Hodowców 38
43-243 Wisła Wielka
tel.: (32) 212 04 76

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poniedziałek-piątek 8.00-15.00

Our school was built in 1853. During the World War II all necessary documents were left and just some of them were saved in a private collection. Firstly the school was used as a hospital. Afterwards the building was completely damaged (broken windows, walls, destroyed equipment). Since 1945 that tragic situation had changed and after many works the school was officially opened in 1945-1946 as a Catholic Five-Year Public School. There were 5 classrooms.

In Post-War years Primary School in Wisla Wielka were directed by:    
1)    Jan Gruner from 1945 to 1958,
2)    Józef Ryt from 1958 to 1975,
3)    Eugeniusz Rodak from 1975 to 1976,
4)    Andrzej Raczek from 1976 to 1978,
5)    Wacław Zmarlak from 1978 to 1987,
6)    Krystyna Dzieńkowska from 1987 to 1988,
7)    Krystyna Krakowczyk from I 1988 to VIII 1988,
8)    Tadeusz Kowalczyk from IX 1988 to VIII 1999,
9)    Mirosław Polok from IX 1999 to

When Wacław Zmarlak was a director, he decided that the school was more rebuilt. Development were  leaded by:
1)    Chairman : Wacław Zmarlak,
2)    V-ce chairman: Ginter Hoinkis,
3)    Members: Elżbieta Mizera, Stanisław Safin, Józef Nowok, Piotr Jaworski.

Finally the school was rebuilt in 1986 and some classrooms were added, for instance, classes for children, a new library, gymnasium, a canteen.

What is more, in 1997 decided that the old part of school was so devastated that it should be demolished, in consequently in February 1998 that part was knocked down and in this place were built the new one, which was ended in December 1999. The next stage of rebuilding was finally finished in January 2001. On 16th January a new kitchen with canteen and a day-room were completed. In August, the same year, the nearest Kindergarten nr 15 were added to school in Wisla Wielka.

Nowadays, there is a kindergarten on the first floor in section B. The last stage of rebuilding started on 22nd  of March 2001. The main aim was construction of a new gym. This last  investment was ended in Septamber  2002.

The most important event in the recent history of our school was generated on 1st September 2007 year “Zespół  Szkolno-Przedszkolny” Wisła Wielka. Nowadays, there is a primary school and a kindergarten in one building.

At present the number of students amounts to about 120. There are ten colourful classrooms with clever students and helpful teachers.











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